Techical Catalogue


This catalog has been prepared to assist the departments: Technical and Commercial and end users. Its handling is easy and include the diameters, tolerances, chemical and mechanical properties of the main and most commonly used fasteners. It is an important tool and that contributes in the supply and quality of our products, we remind you that the reference standards may change without prior notice, if you have any questions, consult our commercial technical department. Its total and partial reproduction is prohibited and the rights are reserved:  SIGA ELEMENTOS DE FIXAÇÃO LTDA, duly registered in this capital São Paulo - Brazil.


Supply Line: Our products are applied in various segments of the economy, such as: Construction, Chemical Industry, Engineering, Oil & Gas, Naval and others.

Catálogo Arruelas

Catálogo Contra Pino Cupilha

Catálogo Parafusos

Catálogo Porcas

Tabela de Composição química SAE J 403 

Tabela de Composição Química SAE J 404

Tabela de Conversão de Medidas

Tabela de Peso Material - Barras

Tabela de Roscas Sistema Polegada e Métrico

Tabela de Resistência de Porcas Sistema Polegada e Métrico

Tabela Especificação de Normas Parafusos

Tabela de Tolerância de Fabricação - Segundo o Sistema Internacional ISA

Tabela para Utilização de Buchas

Tabela de Tipos de Revestimentos Superficiais

Tabela de Conversão de Dureza

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